What happens to medical equipment at a hospital if there is a power outage and no functional power generation equipment? Patients might be put in life-threatening scenarios if there isn’t an emergency backup generator to address these problems. When a medical institution loses electricity, a backup generator is required to keep medical devices and life-saving equipment operational.

A reliable backup power supply is essential for medical establishments. To discover the perfect generator for your institution, chat with a NEWPOWER representative today!

Over here at Newpower, we are a reliable and trusted standby generator supplier for medical facilities and laboratories. Our customizable generators can also easily fit into places with space constraints while fulfilling the technical and safety requirements at the same time.

Diesel generators are a popular choice in the standby generator industry, and they’re often employed as backup power in a variety of sectors. Diesel generators are made to last and are extremely adaptable, allowing them to be used in a wide range of industries and applications. When compared to natural gas generators, diesel generators require fewer total maintenance intervals.

The maximum runtime of a diesel generator is one of its key disadvantages. Diesel generators are restricted by the volume of their fuel tanks, which means that if your generator runs out of gasoline, it will shut down. However Newpower Generators can be designed and built to have larger diesel tanks and the engines used are fuel efficient which allows the generator run time to be extended, a longer run time provides more buffer time for the end-user to get the main grid back up and running.

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