Load Bank Testing Services

NEWPOWER offers comprehensive Load Bank testing services for standby generators up to 2000KVA, ensuring your backup power systems are reliable and ready for emergencies. Our service is crucial for maintaining operational integrity and efficiency of generators in commercial and industrial settings.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Operational Reliability: Verifies that generators can handle the highest loads and operate efficiently under real-world conditions.
  • Test for Full Capacity: Ensures generators can produce their maximum rated power while maintaining appropriate temperature and pressure levels.
  • Wet Stack Prevention: Load bank testing helps to clear unburnt fuel and soot (wet stacking), preventing potential malfunctions or hazards.

Load Bank Test Report:

  • After successful testing, a detailed Load Bank Report is provided, including key parameters like load kW, AC voltage, Hertz, oil pressure, amperage rating, voltage tested, and additional observations.

Additional Services:

  • LEW (Licensed Electrical Worker) Service:
  • Lorry Crane Transport: Certified Hoisting & lifting
  • Diesel Fuel Supply
  • Neoprene Electrical Cables
  • Professional Installation & Set up

Why Choose NEWPOWER:

  • Expertise: Performed by skilled technicians, with options for on-site testing.
  • Reliability Assurance: Every generator sold or owned by NEWPOWER undergoes load bank testing.
  • Quality Guarantee: Assures that generators function efficiently and are ready for immediate use upon delivery.
  • Additional Services: Beyond load testing, we offer more complex testing for both new and used equipment, ensuring trustworthiness and performance.