Standby Generator

NewPower Standby Diesel Generator (45KVA – 3000KVA) are designed to provide for an exceptional degree of safety, reliability, and stability in terms of power supply.

  • NEA Emissions Approved (US EPA Tier II)
  • SS535 Singapore Standards Quality
  • Silent Sound Attenuated Acoustic Weatherproof Canopy

Our Emergency Standby Generators are designed for a wide range of applications:

  • Data Centers
  • Hospitals
  • High-Tech Manufacturing Facilities
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Transportation Systems
  • Microgrids

DIGITAL Control Panel

Our digital control panel for standby generator systems is specifically designed for reliable power management. Seamless integration with your facility’s infrastructure, BMS Building Management System.

  • Mains Power Failure Detection: Instantly detects any loss of mains power or voltage, ensuring a rapid response.
  • Automatic Activation: Engages automatically during power disruptions, minimizing downtime.
  • AMF Compatibility: Works in tandem with Automatic Main Failure (AMF) systems for a smooth transition.
  • Power Supply to EMSB: Reliably supplies power to the building’s Emergency Main Switch Board (EMSB) during emergencies

Exhaust Systems

The standby generator we offer comes with enhanced features focused on efficient exhaust and cooling management. We provide standby generator systems that is not only powerful but also considerate of its operational environment, ensuring safety, efficiency, and quiet operation.

  • Silencer Muffler: Part of the engine’s exhaust system, effectively reduces noise levels, specifically designed for residential, commercial environments.
  • Exhaust and Cooling System:
    • Efficient Hot Air Discharge: The exhaust duct is expertly installed to manage hot air discharge.
    • Optimal Air Flow Design: Ensures safe and rapid removal of exhaust gases.
    • Maintains Performance: The design helps in preserving the generator’s efficiency and longevity.


Our Fuel storage system for diesel generators is a comprehensive solution designed to extend the running time of your generator sets. Customizable design to meet specific needs and regulatory standards:

  • Customizable Design: Tailored to fit your specific requirements, ensuring optimal performance
  • Compliance with SCDF Fire Safety Regulations: Adheres strictly to safety standards for peace of mind.
  • Complete Connection Setup: Includes all necessary pipework, pumps, location, materials, dimensions, components of the tank, and related components for seamless integration.
  • Fuel Day Tank and Lines: Features a fuel day tank and the required fuel lines between the day tank and the diesel engine or the generator’s built-in tank.