Standby Generator Maintenance & Servicing

At NEWPOWER, our Service & Maintenance division is committed to delivering top-notch maintenance and care for your standby generators. Our team, comprising engineers and technicians, is highly skilled and possesses deep knowledge in mechanical and electrical aspects of power generation.

  • Experienced Team: Our technicians and engineers have comprehensive knowledge of power generation systems.
  • Wide Range of Applications: Expertise in servicing generators across diverse environments, data centers, hospitals, high-tech manufacturing facilities.
  • 15 Mobile Servicing Teams: High availablility & support
  • 4-Hour On-Call Response Time: For urgent needs, ensuring minimal downtime.

Key Services:

  • Routine Genset Service & Maintenance (Quarterly)
  • Ad-Hoc Genset Repair
  • Full Genset Overhaul
  • Load Bank Testing
  • 24/7 Breakdown Support
  • Equipment Condition Surveys

Benefits of Choosing NEWPOWER:

  • Tailored Maintenance Plans: Customized service plans to meet the unique needs of your generator and business.
  • Minimized Downtime and Cost-Effectiveness: Preventive maintenance reduces the risk of costly breakdowns and prolongs the life of your generator.
  • Regulatory Compliance and Safety: Ensuring that your generator meets all safety and operational standards.


Standby Generator Servicing and Maintenance Quarterly Package for MCST (Condo, Commercial, Industrial)

>100 Jobs Completed

Why Choose NEWPOWER’s Quarterly Maintenance & Servicing:

  • Designed for Your Role: Our services are specifically tailored to meet the unique demands faced by property executives and facilities managers.
  • Regular Quarterly Maintenance: Scheduled service every three months to guarantee your generator’s reliability and efficiency.
  • Preventive Maintenance : Proactively addressing potential issues to avoid costly emergency repairs.

Our Service Commitment to You:

  • Detailed Inspections and Testing: Ensuring every component of your generator meets the highest standards.
  • Comprehensive Fuel, Battery, and Electrical System Management: Regular checks to guarantee consistent performance.
  • Reliable Performance Assurance: Your standby generators will always be ready for emergency situations.

Proven Track Record and Technical Expertise:

With a strong portfolio of project references and deep technical expertise, NEWPOWER stands out as a leading provider of generator servicing and maintenance.