About the project

Project name: SBH 32 Penjuru Lane – Greenlite Electric Pte Ltd

Project duration: 5 months (20 weeks)

Scope: Installation of new standby generator – Open Type

The project is required to install a new standby generator capacity of 350kVA in the genset room. 


Based on the technical specification from the client, we should provide a 350kVA standby generator – open type with accessories such as nickel-cadmium battery and ducting on the exhaust pipe. Maintenance-free lead acid is provided for the standby generator, and we do not provide ducting and piping services. 

The Newpower technical team researched the types of batteries and came up with a summary table in order to understand the pros and cons of the batteries.

Solution & Results

During the factory acceptance test, the Newpower technical team had fulfilled the requirements and then delivered the standby generator to the site. The standby generator exhaust piping and ducting were installed on site. Site acceptance test was conducted with consultant and client with satisfactory results, thus successful completion of the project.

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