At NEWPOWER we understand that some institutions or businesses such as data centers or hospitals require a constant and reliable supply of power, meaning zero disruptions to their operations. Therefore all of our products are customizable and compatible with UPS (uninterrupted power supply) systems.

From the different types of ATS, we understand that there is momentary interruption of power from a few milliseconds to several minutes affecting the reliability of power supply. In certain applications standby alternators play a vital role in providing power to critical power applications known as ‘mission critical’. Every effort is made to reduce the interruption of power to the loads as certain energy consumers cannot accept loss of power even for a few milliseconds due to the criticality of the application. Mission critical is separated into two classes Private and Public Safety. The Private sector are business related such as data centres, whereas the Public Safety sector includes applications such as hospitals and emergency services.

To address this problem an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) is connected between the load and the ATS. When the mains fail the UPS will continue to power the critical loads until the ATS transfers the load to the Standby alternator.

Static UPS System

The static UPS uses power electronics and utilises batteries to deliver power for short periods. The UPS has a rectifier at the input stage to rectify the ac to dc where the batteries are connected and then through an inverter to provide an ac output. Under normal operating conditions the batteries are charged by the dc. During loss of power the batteries take over and supply the inverter. A bypass switch is included for maintenance purposes.


Network design engineers must conduct a feasibility study on performance vs cost when making the choices to select the right standby alternator, ATS and maybe UPS to suit the application. Over here at NEWPOWER we have a team of specialists who are dedicated to helping you to select the most reliable and compatible generator for your system that guaranteed the end-user a peace of mind.

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