Weatherproof and aesthetically pleasing design

The product design process here at Newpower involves 3 main aspects

  • Analysis
  • Concept
  • Synthesis


  • Accept Situation: Here, the designers decide on committing to the project and finding a solution to the issue. We utilize our resources into figuring out how to solve the task most efficiently.
  • Analyze: In this stage, everyone in the team begins research. They gather general and specific materials which will help to figure out how their problem might be solved. This can range from check on compliance documents with clients, sourcing for parts from reputable brands, obtain building layout from building management and onsite survey.


  • Define: This is where the key issue of the matter is defined. The conditions of the problem become objectives, and restraints on the situation become the parameters within which the new design must be constructed. Our engineers will then proceed to design and manufacture the generator with the specific concept in mind.


  • Ideate: The designers here brainstorm different ideas, solutions for their design constraints. The ideal brainstorming session does not involve any bias or judgment, but instead builds on original ideas.
  • Select: By now, the designers have narrowed down their ideas to a select few, which can be guaranteed successes and from there they can outline their plan to make the product.
  • Implement: This is where the digital prototypes are built, the plan outlined in the previous step is realized and the product starts to become an actual object.
  • Evaluate: In the last stage, the product is tested, and from there, slight adjustments and improvements are made. Although this is the last stage, it does not mean that the process is over. The finished product will be rigorously tested at the factory in different conditions to ensure optimal functionality and durability.